The Belt System was designed as a FUN way for clients and athletes to set targets. However, we were amazed at how popular it became - the increases in motivation have been huge!

There are 5 disciplines, 8 tests per discipline, and 8 coloured belts up for grabs!

Bodyweight Muscular Endurance / Barbell Strength / Weightlifting / Speed & Power / Endurance.

What belts can you achieve?

Hi, I'm Coach Curtis

I left the British army in 2015 after serving 6-years as an army physical training instructor. I had no savings but was extremely driven to succeed within the civilian fitness industry.

Within 18-months of leaving the army, I had opened my own strength and conditioning gym and gained a publishing deal, releasing my first book which became a bestseller on Amazon.

I realised early on that many seemingly average individuals were part-time Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Ultra-Athletes, and these people wanted expertise.

Off the back of this myself and Coach Carter created Strength and Conditioning Course as a one-stop shop for both fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

Our academy now has a full team of highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches (tutors) from a vast array of backgrounds, and our sole goal is to provide you with expertise!