This manual looks at how we develop optimal resistance training programs and takes an in-depth look at over 100 free weight exercises with detailed descriptions and full-colour images.

Key areas covered in the manual:

  • Equipment.
  • Testing.
  • Programming.
  • Quantifying Training Loads.
  • Example Programs.
  • Barbell Lift Standards.
  • Breathing.
  • Warm-Ups.
  • Hinge: 13 in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Squat: 17-in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Lunge: 9 in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Push: 18-in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Pull: 23 in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Brace & Rotation: 20 in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Gait: 6 in-depth exercise tutorials.
  • Advanced Training Techniques: Over 50 advanced training techniques, many with numerous variations.

Click the link below to purchase a PDF copy: Over 300 Pages!

Hi, I'm Coach Curtis

I left the British army in 2015 after serving 6-years as an army physical training instructor. I had no savings but was extremely driven to succeed within the civilian fitness industry.

Within 18-months of leaving the army, I had opened my own strength and conditioning gym and gained a publishing deal, releasing my first book which became a bestseller on Amazon.

I realised early on that many seemingly average individuals were part-time Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Ultra-Athletes, and these people wanted expertise.

Off the back of this I created Strength and Conditioning Course as a one-stop shop for both fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

The academy now has a full team of highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches (tutors) from a vast array of backgrounds, and our sole goal is to provide you with expertise!