If you want to take your coaching to the next level, you need to be an expert in programming and periodization - the glue that sticks everything together!

The ability to create a periodized plan and program effective training sessions is the backbone of being a strength and conditioning coach and absolutely essential if you want to operate at the highest levels.

At SCC, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive books that are aimed at fitness professionals and enthusiasts. Our books cut away the fat and give the essential expertise for those working on the ground, in the gym and on the field.

This book is the first of our BIG 8 Pillars of Strength and Conditioning Series and shows you how to bring the key components of strength and conditioning together.

The BIG 8:

Programming & Periodization – Warming Up – Strength Training – Ballistic Training – Olympic Weightlifting – Plyometrics – Speed & Agility – Metabolic Conditioning.

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Hi, I'm Coach Curtis

I left the British army in 2015 after serving 6-years as an army physical training instructor. I had no savings but was extremely driven to succeed within the civilian fitness industry.

Within 18-months of leaving the army, I had opened my own strength and conditioning gym and gained a publishing deal, releasing my first book which became a bestseller on Amazon.

I realised early on that many seemingly average individuals were part-time Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Ultra-Athletes, and these people wanted expertise.

Off the back of this I created Strength and Conditioning Course as a one-stop shop for both fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

The academy now has a full team of highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches (tutors) from a vast array of backgrounds, and our sole goal is to provide you with expertise!