Movement Mastery

The Muscle Manual (You already have) and The Muscle & Movements modules are both designed as reference resources in support of the detailed training module: Corrective Exercise. Together these three modules create The Movement Mastery Course.

The Corrective Exercise module is where real world application and practice knowledge combine to give you a powerful new methodology for correcting movement.

Helping you or your clients understand how to achieve results and avoid unnecessary injury through a deeper understanding of the 8 fundamental movements.

When you have completed Muscle Mastery Course you will obtain the Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Certification. Which is a foundation for anybody wanting to progress on a Strength & conditioning journey either as a Pro or an enthusiast.


This video will explain the second module of Movement Mastery - Muscles & Movement in greater detail.


The final module and main component of the Movement Mastery Course is Corrective Exercise which will teach you how to fix movement limitations and compensations.